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Bethesda Presbyterian Church

Reverend:  Dr. F. Martinez

14404 South Crenshaw Blvd., Gardena CA 90249

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The Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century was the beginning of a time back to the Scriptures, that is, return to the Bible the supreme authority that could establish human standards to define human power and open the doors to hope to be more humble and above all be a better Christian and to impact the world better every day. Therefore, the Bethesda Church, celebrated every year this event with a dinner to commemorate the event which gave ain the Protestant Church in the world, or at least he is well known.

On Saturday October 25th we will be celebrating this event, and reminding their initiators such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, Philip Melanchthon, and others.

Join us for this special event, the cost of dinner is very low, since the purpose is to share and spread this historical act that must never be forgotten in the minds of the contemporary Church. The recovery cost will be $ 10, exept for children under 6 years. Bring your family have a proper church parking lot, and there is room in the annex where the "Big Lots" where you can park safely.

Come, we wait at six in the evening and the event will end at nine in the evening. It will be a great blessing.

Rev. Dr. Felipe Martinez,   Los Angeles, October 2014

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