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Visita a el Orfanatorio Buena Vida

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Buena Vida [BV] Orphanage Site Visit (11/30/17)

"On November12, 2017 my daughter Maria Fuentes, her mother Samanta Salgado and her father Luis Fuentes travelled to the BV Orphanage"

Our Mission: To preach the Word of God to the 29 children at the BV orphanage and deliver monetary (funds raised) and non-financial goods to support the children living there.

Background: Buena Vida Orphanage receives no financial support from the Mexican government, Gabriel and Meche Diego do work closely with its child protective agencies. 90% of the children that they care for are brought to BV by Mexican Social Services.

The Orphanage has very few true orphans; most children are under 10 years of age. Many of the BV kids have been abandoned or come from abusive homes. some live at the BV orphanage because their parents simply can no longer care for them. The children receive all their support from donations from God-fearing people and non-profit organizations and churches like Iglesia Presbiteriana Bethesda, Anza Baptist and others On this trip we spent most of our time with children that recently arrived.

You can learn more using their facebook page

Luis asked little kids about their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The time Samanta, Maria and I spent with the children is truly a blessing; I encourage you to find ways to support this ongoing ministry by praying for our work to continue and consider doing the following:
Pray for Pastor Tomas Guerrero to continue conducting weekly Bible Studies at the orphanage. The bible studies take place at the orphanage. The Bible studies take place at the orphanage or at the New Life Baptist Church
Consider sponsoring a child -- read the information on each kid that needs your help
Plan to volunteer yourtime to visit the orphanage--each trip takes between 14-18 hours on a given day
Finally, please note that the administrators have been very busy and have completed about 90% construction of their new site. If you would like more information please contact me directly...Para mas informacion escriban a luisfuentes
Thank you. - Luis Fuentes